Penis enlargement – is it truly possible?

This question has crossed the mind of all living men. At least once. Most men rejected this idea, considering it is pure gibberish. Yet there were men who gave a shot to the options available. Marketplace is filled with supplements, oils, chemical pills, creams, traction devices and vacuum pumps claiming to provide the penis enlargement desired – but how can the consumers know which of these options are truly effective? Can any of these products enhance penis size? Are there any negative side effects involved? The manufacturer of ProExtender answers to all these questions.

proextender enlargementProExtender is an adjustable penile device developed to expand and enlarge penis size in a healthy, natural and safe way. Because it can adjust to any penile size and it is suitable for any man, ProExtender offers permanent results to anyone who uses this traction device for a few months in a row. This product works by applying a constant force on the penis shaft, force that will cause micro tears in penile tissue, enhanced blood flow and increased penis size in a safe, gentle and healthy way. By using the device alone men will get the results desired without even experiencing negative side effects; no surgery, no pain and no pills are necessary to enhance the length of male sexual organ.

What are your options for penis enlargement?

Herbal supplements are usually made of herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that might increase the desire for sex and offer more intensified pleasure. But these methods are less likely to enlarge penis size. Many of the products available on market are not even tested and the consumers can spend their money on an item that will only improve his health condition or, the worse, affect his health.

Oils, gels and creams are not clinically proved to be effective in penis enlargement. These solutions have to be removed before intercourse and the effect is less likely to be noticed. They might work in enhancing the libido, if we consider the placebo effect. However, penis enhancement cannot occur by just using lotions, oils and gels.

Chemical pills worth to be mentioned because they are medically developed to enhance the libido and treat erectile dysfunction. But these pills – Viagra, Levitra, Cialis – cannot be taken by any men. Those affected by circulatory problems and men with heart disease are not recommended to take these pills. In fact, they require medical prescription and they can also cause numerous negative side effects. Some of the adverse effects caused by Viagra and Levitra include nausea, headaches, redness, painful erections and even stroke, so men should consider their health before taking the blue pill.

Vacuum pumps are devices meant to draw blood into the penile tissue, making it swell and appear bigger. This kind of product is utilized to treat erectile dysfunction, but the results in penis enlargement are only temporary. Vacuum pumps can cause damages of the blood vessels and even urethra injuries, thus making more harm than good.

Traction devices or penile stretchers – such as ProExtender – remain the most effective penis enlargement option. Many doctors recommend it to enlarge penis size in a natural, safe and effective way. Because this option does not involve ingesting any pills and does not cause any negative consequences, it offers the male enhancement desired in a safe and secure way. This option is discreet, the device can be used almost anywhere and it also eliminates erectile dysfunction and boosts the self-esteem of the consumers. Once they are achieved, the results are permanent. Up to 2-3 inches in penis length and even 25 % more in penis girth will make any men proud of himself. However, growing takes time and a treatment of 6 to 9 months is required to enlarge penis size permanently.

Penis enlargement is possible with ProExtender. Whether you wish to add a few inches in penis length or you want to improve your performances in bed, this traction device will provide you amazing results. Use ProExtender and enlarge the size of male sexual organ in a safe and healthy way!