Permanent male enhancement methods

Getting a bigger penis without having to take pills and without undergoing surgical procedures represent the deepest desires of men from all over the world. Since penis size is a huge concern for numerous men, even though most of them should not be worried, they have a wide variety of male enhancement methods to select from. But putting aside the penile surgery, pills and creams, men remain with penile devices as the most attainable method that offers permanent male enhancement. ProExtender is such a penile device because it enlarges permanently the size of penile in a healthy, natural and safe way.

What permanent male enhancement options do you have?

proextender 6 pillsPills – Whether they have chemical or natural ingredients, they can certainly increase desire. But only libido and desire for sex will be increased, because this male enhancement method does not have any impact on male sexual organ size. Pills like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra offer significant increase in sex drive, but the penis size remains the same. In addition, these pills can cause many negative side effects, from headaches, nausea, vomiting, back pain, painful erections and many others. Not to mention that they have to be taken prior to sexual intercourse and that you have to keep one in your pocket because you do not know when the occasion may arise.

Patches – Might have a mild effect in enhancing sex drive, but the ingredients are not likely to cause a permanent penis enlargement. Considering that most enlargement patches available on the market contain natural ingredients, they can hardly penetrate the skin and enter in blood flow to get to the targeted area. The compounds included in these patches can increase the desire for sex, but they certainly cannot enhance permanently the size of member.

Lotions, creams and gels – They represent and expensive method to achieve the enlargement desired which is not even guaranteed. These lotions are less likely to increase penis size, but they can pump up more blood into the penile tissue and facilitate the erection. They might intensify pleasure, but there is no scientific evidence proving that this option offers permanent results in enlarging penis length and girth.

Penis pumps – are so dangerous that they are not even worth being mentioned. Some men were brave enough to try this male enhancement option, but they ended up regretting their decision. Penis pumps often cause blood vessels damages and urethra injuries, reason why using this penis enlargement option is a regrettable decision.

Penile augmentation surgery – This option involves cutting the existing tissue, placing grafts or injecting fat in male sexual organ. But penile surgery can trigger bleeding, infections, scarring and bruising, the scars can make the skin shrink, fat can be absorbed and additional surgery might have to be performed to fix what has been broken. Despite the fact it is a quick solution that might offer permanent enlargement, it requests a recovery period and the male sexual organ might even stop working as it should.

Considering all these facts, the traction device ProExtender is obviously the best permanent male enhancement option. Offering permanent results in only a few months, this medical device enhances significantly penis length and girth, while it also treats erectile dysfunction and eliminates the occasional episodes of premature ejaculation. Whether you are less gifted, if you experience trouble in bed or if you just want to boost your stamina and enhance your sexual performances, you should take into consideration using ProExtender traction device.